Native Soil Mix

Excellent soil for Australian natives. A free draining mix with enough water retention to provide for your Native plants.

Vege Soil Mix

Ideal for new vegie gardens or boosting an existing garden.         

Landscape Mix

A blend of selected sands, peat, and fertilisers. As close to an all round soil as possible. Suitable for planting lawns, garden beds, rockeries, fruit trees etc.


Garden Soil General Mix

High quality soil replacement mix, perfect for new gardens. 

Screened Top Soil

Applying topsoil with a consistent particle size across a garden allows nutrients and water to flow naturally through the soil for a healthier growing space. Once tilled into your garden's natural topsoil, the plants' roots are free to grow deeply. Fruit trees and other large plants will have a greater chance at growing tall and producing lots of fruit.

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